Hard Gel HSR 302 Kit – Green

Surface epoxy resin

The HardGel HSR 302 Green resin combined with the HardDur HSE 302 hardener comprise a bicomponent epoxy system with non-abrasive and machinable filler.

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Applied with brush
Easy to apply


Used in copying of models and matrices, matrices for ceramic molds. This product is specific for the first coat (machinable surface) of style models.

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Commercial data

Code Description Package
713 HardGel HSR 302 Kit Green 1 piece (1.000 Kg)
5930 HardGel HSR 302 Green 1 piece (0.910 Kg)
708 HardDur HSE 302 1 piece (0.090 Kg)
454 (3) Separator Z 25 LE 1 piece (0.400 Kg)
440 (3) Separator Z 15 LC 1 piece (0.800 Kg)
2015 (3) Separator Z 15 LC 1 piece (3.600 Kg)
  • Mixture ratio in mass:  Each 100 g of resin, 10 g of hardener
  • Recommended thickness: 0.5 – 1.0 mm
  • For the surface preparation (molds and models) use the Separator Z 25 LE or Z 15 LC.
  • Homogenize the components (resin and hardener) before the use.
  • Add the correct quantity of hardener to the resin; then, mix it well for two minutes, preventing air bubbles from entering (the mixing time influences the piece final gloss).
  • Use a brush to apply the product.

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