Hard Flexfelt Standard Screen

Structuring screen to reinforce waterproofing

FLEXFELT STANDARD is a structuring screen specially developed to reinforce critical points of waterproofing in porous substrates (e.g. concrete), such as joints, drains, corners, edges, emerging tubes and treatment of fissures and cracks.

Designed in the ideal format for application, it provides high productivity and reduced installation time.

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t is already provided in the ideal width for application
High resistance to movement
High productivity


Reinforcement of critical waterproofing points (joints, drains, corners, edges and emerging tubes)

Reinforcement of waterproofing in areas where the structure is more prone to move

Reinforcement of waterproofing of expansion joints

Treatment of fissures and cracks

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Standard – 8cm x 50m Roll

  • Composition: 100% polypropylene
  • Performance: 50 m
  • Storage life: undetermined

Place the FLEXFELT screen between the 1st and 2nd coats of waterproofing or the cracks and fissures treatment, pressing it down with the brush, in order to have the screen properly soaked the waterproofing blanket. Afterwards, cover it with the subsequent coats, so that the screen remains hidden. To cut the screen, use a scissor. At the seams, overlap at least 10 cm between the parts.

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